Katie Price’s children produced by ghost-mother

8 Sep

SOURCES close to Katie Price have exclusively revealed to Seleb Spy that the Nobel prize winning author didn’t produce any of her children and that they were actually born to a surrogate ‘ghost-mother’.

Years of promiscuity have left Price, 32, riddled with chlamydia, syphilis and an overly acidic vagina, making it impossible for her to conceive naturally. Our source reveals that she has also tried to adopt a child but was rejected on the grounds she is mentally incapable of loving a human being other than herself, and completely devoid of maternal instinct.

“Basically, she’s completely barren,” says our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, “both physically and emotionally.”

Neighbours became suspicious after seeing the latest addition to Katie Price's garden.

The critically acclaimed author, however, was determined to have children in order to further her career as ITV2 schedule wadding, so decided to just buy some babies from a penniless Romanian gypsy woman for £30 each. In eastern Europe it is common for poverty-stricken Roma women, so-called ‘ghost-mothers’, to sell their babies to desperate wealthy couples.  “She got on the first plane to Bucharest and came back with a baby stuffed in her Burberry travel bag” says our spy.

Speculation over the maternity of Price’s children surfaced long ago, sparked by her inability to remember their names, ages or anything about them during a television interview with Lorraine Kelly.

Parents of pupils that attend the same school as the Price children have also voiced their suspicions. One mother said: “We never see Katie, the kids are always dropped off and picked up from school in a horse-drawn wooden caravan, by a swarthy woman wearing a headscarf who tries to sell us lucky heather.”

Katie Price has previously dismissed the rumours, writing in her column in The News on Sunday: “All the talk about my kids not really being mine is absolute nonsense. I carried all those babies for the full 4 months before pushing them out my belly button like any other mother.”


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