Justin Bieber is 16 year-old boy

10 Sep

Boy oh boy - Justin Bieber is not a 28 year-old lesbian

Record company provides copy of birth certificate proving singer is actually a 16 year-old boy.

Music fans were shocked today when it was revealed that singer Justin Bieber is really a teenage boy and not a 28 year-old lesbian called Justine Beaver as previously believed.

Since his rise to stardom in 2009 it had been generally assumed that the singer was an adult lesbian masquerading as a teenage boy to sell records.

Sally Hill, entertainment editor of The Daily News said: “Record companies often make pop stars hide certain things that they believe would make them less marketable – like how they hid the fact Joe McElderry is gay, or that Cheryl Cole can’t sing – We just all assumed that ‘Justin Bieber’ was a cover story used to make a lesbian lady an acceptable pop star for the child / teen market.”

Following months of rumours, Bieber’s label decided to put the debate to rest and earlier this week posted a copy of the singer’s birth certificate online confirming that Justin Drew Bieber was born on 1st March 1994 as a male.

Lesbian Bieber fan Connie Lingus said: “I am deeply shocked and saddened by the news. I just can’t believe he’s actually a boy. It’s like Hanson all over again!”

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