The Saturdays launch lubricant range

13 Sep
The Saturdays

Wet 'n' Wild - The Saturdays (L-R Frankie, Una, Mollie, Rochelle, Vanessa) launch their lubricant range Saturday Nights.

GIRL BAND The Saturdays launched their new range of sexual lubricants today in Anne Summers on London’s Oxford Street. Their venture into a more adult market comes days after X-Factor runners-up JLS brought out a range of branded condoms.

The lubricant range, called Saturday Nights, features five unique varieties, each personally inspired by one of the members of the band and featuring their image on the bottle.

Mollie’s Posh Sex Lube – lavender and jojoba scented light lubricant
Rochelle’s Rough Play Lube – containing a light local anaesthetic for more vigorous lovers
Una’s Irish Catholic Lube – designed for married couples, not latex safe
Frankie’s Anal Pleasure Lube especially formulated for anal sex
Vanessa’s Solo Fun Lube – especially formulated for masturbation

Frankie Sandford from The Saturday’s said: “We are all really proud of the Saturday Nights range! I think it’s important to empower young women to enjoy their bodies and to enjoy sex. And good lubrication is essential for good sex.” Bandmate Rochelle Wiseman added: “I like it when it slips in me nice and easy”

The lubricant range has been well received by The Saturdays’ fans. Kelly Marsh, 10, who had travelled to London from Rexham with her mother said: “I’ve bought the whole set!” although then admitted: “I don’t really know what they’re for…”

“I think they are drinks?”

Saturday Nights lubricants are available now at Anne Summers and Look out for a free sample sachet in this month’s edition of Sugar magazine.

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