EU attacks Britain on deportation of the Cheeky Girls

17 Sep
Cheeky Girls

The Cheeky Girls in traditional Romanian dress outside their South London home.

EU VICE PRESIDENT Viviane Reding launched an unprecedented attacked on Britain today over plans to deport the Cheeky Girls to Romania.

Last month the UK government announced plans to deport the Romanian popstar twins to their home country as their visas had expired.

The Cheeky Girls, Gabriela and Monica Irimia, are understood to have entered Britain in late 2000 with their cousin Sherilina Tweedescu who later anglicised her name to Cheryl Tweedy. All three were contestants on ITV reality show Popstars the Rivals, with the Cheeky Girls being knocked out in the initial stage. Their cousin, Cheryl, went on to win a place in the group Girls Aloud and then sell shampoo for a living. She married England footballer Ashley Cole in 2006 and became a naturalised British citizen and therefore does not face deportation, despite having a conviction for assaulting and racially abusing a black toilet attendant in a night club in 2003.

Immigration minister Damian Green denied that the Cheeky Girls were being victimised and that and that the deportation was part of a wider clampdown on illegal migrants.

However last week a leaked memo from Home Secretary Teresa May showed that the British authorities had been instructed to target the Cheeky Girls as a priority, rather than deal with all migrants on a case-by-case basis, as Green and the Minister for Europe Caroline Flint had assured the European Commission.

The European Parliament and human rights groups have condemned the move and claim that the Cheeky Girls would face persecution if returned to Romania. Karen Smith from Amnesty International said: “The Cheeky Girls are people without a voice who are rejected wherever they go. Singling them out for deportation would send out a message that it’s OK to discriminate against people just because they look like malnourished pikey prostitutes and sing really annoying songs and shag wonkey-faced left wing politicians.

The government and those who support the deportation claim that the Cheeky Girls are responsible for a string of crimes against music in the early 2000s and that they should be removed from the country to protect the sensitivities of the British public. In addition, Wandsworth council has claimed that the twins’ caravan home is illegally parked on Wandsworth Common and that they are trapping and eating squirrels and rats for food.

A poll conducted by The News on Sunday found that there was considerable support for the deportation among the general public. Sandra Pollock, a 37 year-old housewife from Bradford, said: “They come over here and take the positions in the charts that British singers could fill, and they ask us to touch their bum because ‘this is life’. Well I can tell you, touching bums isn’t a part of British life.”

“Unless you’re some kind of queer.”

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