Lost fans go on rampage after completing TV marathon

17 Sep
Lost Fans and Policeman Clash

Rampaging Lost fans and policeman clash

A hardcore group of fans of the TV series Lost went on a rampage in central London, today, after spending four days watching all 121 episodes back-to-back in a cinema.

Around 100 fans began the marathon session on Monday at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square – complete with sleeping bags and pillows.

But only 21 were left sane when the final episode screened on Friday afternoon, with the rest developing psychotic symptoms, including delusions, hallucinations and paranoia.

One of those who went the distance was Tracey Bishop, 28, from Chester.

Speaking to the BBC a few hours before the end, she said: “I feel absolutely fine – still enjoying it.”

Repeatedly banging a can of Coke against the side of her head she added: “Most people are still into it – some are starting to get a bit tired. But everyone’s still in high spirits. We are all really excited. Apart from a few people. I don’t trust them. I think they might be Others!”

The rotund bank administrator took a week’s holiday to take part in the event.

“Before Lost I was perfectly normal, so I’ve never done anything quite like this before – most people think I’m absolutely insane. It’s really confusing. I have no concept of time any more – I don’t know if it’s night or day. ”

“Or if it’s 1977 or 2010.”

During the course of the final day of the marathon screening, cinema staff reported that members of the audience began acting strangely. Moments after the final episode ended, chaos broke out in the cinema as the majority of the audience went into a feral state and began attacking everything and everyone in sight.

An usher at the cinema said: “It was terrifying! A fat girl with greasy hair grabbed me in a strangle hold and was screaming for me to tell her where the ‘wheel’ was for her to ‘move the island.'”

The deranged mob of fans then ran out onto the street and began attacking passers-by, causing panic and resulting in several members of the public being hospitalised.

One onlooker said: “There were two people clawing at a manhole cover trying to get it open. They kept shouting something about a ‘hatch’ and having to ‘push the button’.”

John Li, the owner of a nearby Chinese takeaway said: “This crazy guy came running in holding a tree branch he’d made into some kind of spear. He kept calling me  Jin and asking me where Sun was. Then he kept telling me I had to ‘go back to the island’ or something. I was so scared.”

The Metropolitan Police also confirmed that two women had been arrested for assaulting a disabled man in a wheelchair. The two women – described by witnesses as being ‘chunky’ – reportedly dragged the man out of his wheelchair and shouted at him: ‘You can walk, Locke! You can walk!'”. The man was admitted to hospital suffering from superficial wounds and shock.

After several hours the police managed to detain the Lost fans and all were later admitted to hospital for psychiatric assessment.

The manager of the Prince Charles Cinema has confirmed that a planned Sex and the City marathon due to take place next month has been cancelled.

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