Fury as prostitute is allowed to perform on X Factor

20 Sep
Chloe Mafia

XXX Factor - Chloe Mafia on her day job.

VIEWERS are fuming after a woman who exploits her body for money was allowed to take part in a show in which female contestants compete for the chance to exploit their bodies for money, and which is judged by women who exploit their bodies for money.

X Factor contestant Chloe Mafia from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was exposed on Sunday as a £250-an-hour call girl. One fan said: “I can’t believe they’ve let a prostitute on to the show. I think I’m going to be sick on my council flat carpet.”

But the defiant wannabe defended her lifestyle and insisted: “I don’t feel degraded about selling my body. I’m getting paid to do what I want. Just like Cheryl Cole.”

Tangerine cumbucket Chloe, 20, also boasted that Simon Cowell had described her as “gorgeous, potentially.”

And she said of the X Factor supremo: “Simon said he wasn’t going to ban me because I was just making a living. And having a dirty slag like me on the show will keep it on the front pages for another week or two.”

But last night the talent show faced a growing storm of criticism as angry fans inundated websites to voice their complaints.

One wrote: “She does a lot of disgusting and nasty things for money, and then dares to go on a national TV show. It’s outrageous.”

“Chloe who? I thought we were talking about Cheryl Cole.”

Another said: “She should be wrapped in sackcloth and ashes and hidden away, or sent to a death camp.”

More than 12 million people saw Chloe’s audition on Saturday when she told Cowell she was “unemployed”.

However it has been revealed that she secretly uses the escort name Candy to tout for trade on website whores4u.com.

She insists she does not lap dance fully naked – she keeps her socks on – but has raised her fee since appearing on the X Factor, charging £250 an hour, £600 for three hours or £1,200 for an overnight stay.

She told an undercover reporter: “When you have no GCSEs like me there is no other way to make big money apart from letting men jizz on your tits, or going on the X Factor.”

Chloe, real name Chloe Heald, lists her clients as footballers, solicitors, police officers, and producers of ITV singing competitions.

“They aren’t sleazy – sleazy people can’t afford to spend £250 an hour to have a working class slut sit on their face,” she says.

She was narrowly put through to bootcamp after nerves almost got the better of her during her audition. Despite Louis Walsh failing to put her through, she was given two yeses by Simon Cowell and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who also makes a living by dancing with no clothes on.

Last night it was revealed that Chloe quickly alienated herself from fellow bootcamp contestants by turning up late.

An insider said: “She completely missed the first day and turned up halfway through the second day smelling of spunk.”

“She was really unapologetic and said that she’d been working all night then ended up at a party and hadn’t even been to sleep. She was a complete mess.”

Cowell yesterday defended X Factor’s decision to allow Chloe on to the show, saying: “We haven’t banned prostitutes. If a person applies to the X Factor it’s obvious they want to do something better with their life.”

“And being told you can’t sing by Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole is just as degrading as sucking old men’s balls for a living.”

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