Nadine Coyle’s solo single ridiculed for Frère Jacques sample

21 Sep
Nadine Coyle Insatiable

Ou la la - The artwork for Nadine Coyle's debut single Insatiable

GIRLS ALOUD singer Nadine Coyle’s solo career seemed to be over before it started, today, after she was ridiculed for sampling the French nursery rhyme Frère Jacques on her debut single Insatiable.

The song, which is released in November, features the chorus: In, in, sa satiable / You make me lose my control / In, in, sa satiable / You make me lose my control / Frère Jacques Jacques Jacques / Frère Jacques Jacques Jacques / Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?

But within hours of the song appearing online, music fans flooded social networking sites with less than favourable reviews.

Kirsty Sheldon from Grimsby tweeted: “Why on Earth would you include a French nursery rhyme in a song? It’s just stupid.”

Another wrote on Facebook: “If she wanted to sample a French song, she could have at least chosen Joe Le Taxi.”

Loyal Nadine fans were also unimpressed by the choice of lyrics. xXNadine4EVAXx posted on the official Girls Aloud forum: “i dont like it cos i dont understand forein”


Sean Markus, entertainment editor of the Financial Times said: “This is just another example of how the importance of meaningful song lyrics has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Who in their right mind would sample a French nursery rhyme in a pop song?”

Defiant Nadine dismissed the criticism explaining: “The lyrics aren’t meaningless. ‘Frère Jacques’ means ‘brother James’, and that’s very personal to me, because I have a brother myself. He’s called Simon.”

“Also in the video I do an amazing dance during the French bit, so fuck off.”

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