Man invades X Factor bootcamp claiming to be former winner

23 Sep
Leon Jackson Mugshot, X Factor

Leon Jackson was described as delusional and mentally unstable

THE FILMING of X Factor bootcamp was interrupted this week when a mentally unstable man invaded the set claiming to be a former winner of the competition.

The man harassed several contestants after managing to slip through security and enter the London studio where the bootcamp stage of the ITV talent show was being filmed.

One X Factor hopeful said: “I was backstage practising and this weird guy suddenly came up to me and started asking where Simon Cowell was. When I said I didn’t know he went crazy and started shaking me and shouting ‘Don’ t you recognise me?! I won the fucking show!'”

The man, identified as 21 year-old Leon Jackson from West Lothian, Scotland, approached several contestants before being apprehended by security staff who handed him over to the Metropolitan Police.

Jackson was said to be in a ‘highly agitated and delusional’ state, claiming that he had won the X Factor in 2007 and that Simon Cowell and ITV bosses had colluded to write him out of the show’s history.

An ITV spokesperson said: “Obviously this is nonsense. As most people will remember, the X Factor took a break and did not air in 2007. Instead ITV1 showed repeats of Midsomer Murders and Heartbeat.”

Commenting on the incident, X Factor supremo Simon Cowell  said: “Unfortunately there are some very deluded people out there who live in their own imaginary worlds. Everyone knows the X Factor didn’t run in 2007 and there have only been
three winners – Alexandra, Leona and Joe.”

“I hope this young man finds the help he needs.”

Jackson is currently being held at a psychiatric hospital in South London.

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