Britney Spears placed under care of her five year-old son

4 Oct
Britney Spears Conservatorship

Britney Spears reacted well to the news

BRITNEY SPEARS’ personal and financial affairs are to be under the legal control of her five year-old son, Sean Preston Federline, a Los Angeles judge has ruled.

The Beat Me Baby One More Time singer was placed under conservatorship of her father Jamie in 2008 after the star was admitted to hospital for psychiatric treatment.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz had since become concerned, however, that Mr Spears had not been acting in the best interest of his daughter and had forced her to return to the recording studio and touring before she was ready. As a result, Goetz has now decided to transfer guardianship of the 28 year-old singer to her 5 year-old son Sean instead:

“I placed Miss Spears under conservatorship of her father in 2008 to make sure she didn’t make any more fucking stupid decisions. Then a few month’s later, I hear she’s released a dreadful new song called Womanizer which sounds like a recording of a fox rummaging through some bins, and she’s jetting around the world performing it on TV, and rather than dancing, is just aimlessly wandering around the stage, rubbing her hands together and pointing.”

Judge Goetz decided that Spears should remain under conservatorship rather than regain control of her affairs, on the basis that although she appeared to be in improved health, she remained “a complete retard with the mental age of a foetus.”

Therefore any financial and personal decisions should be made by a guardian who is more responsible and mentally capable – namely her five year-old son.

She added: “I had a very pleasant conversation with Miss Spears and the 5 year-old boy, and both reacted positively to the arrangement, although I did have to explain things using pictures and animal noises to Miss Spears.”

Commenting on the news that he would be taking control of his mother’s affairs, Spear’s son Sean said:

“My mommy’s stupid!”

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