Hampstead Heath public toilets reopen

12 Oct
George Michael Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath Gentlemen's Toilets

CAMDEN council reopened the Hampstead Heath public conveniences this morning following a four-week closure due to lack of use.

Richard Henderson from Camden Council said: “During mid-September there was a sudden decline in the use of the gentlemen’s toilets on Hampstead Heath. In the current economic climate we just cannot afford to keep any public toilets open that no one is using.”

The toilets on Hampstead Heath are best known for being popular with young families on days out in the North West London park. The toilets are usually so popular with young families that Camden Council has been forced to erect a ‘No Loitering’ sign to ensure everyone gets a chance to use them during busy times.

After being closed for four weeks without any protest from the public the council was suddenly inundated with enquiries yesterday from gentlemen wanting to know whether the toilets would be reopening that night. As a result of the requests, the decision was made for the toilets to be made available again.

“It is quite strange, I am not sure why there is a sudden interest in the toilets reopening tonight of all nights,” Henderson said.

Regular Heath walkers welcomed the news that the gentlemen’s toilets would be back in service.

Reverend John Phillips, 64, who lives near Hampstead Heath with his wife said:

“I am very glad the toilets are reopening. After a vigorous stroll on the Heath in the evening, I like to visit the gentlemen’s toilets for an even more vigorous dicking.”

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