BBC viewers shocked by attractive lesbians

14 Oct
Lesbians BBC Lip Service

Left - Roxanne Mckee and Ruta Gedmintas from BBC Three's Lip Service. Right - Celesbian Sandy Toksvig

THE BBC’s new lesbian drama Lip Service shocked viewers last night by depicting lesbians as being attractive, happy and interesting.

The new programme, which aired last night at 11pm on the licence fee-funded corporation’s digital channel, was billed as “a bold new drama for BBC Three about the sex lives and love affairs of twenty-something lesbians living in contemporary Glasgow and maybe flashing a bit of tit and minge for the camera.”

But viewers complained that the show portrayed lesbians as being unrealistically attractive, happy and interesting, when everyone knows in reality they are all fat, angry, tedious mentalists who listen to Morrissey.

Sally Seddon from Hull said: “All the lesbians on the show are tall, beautiful and slim. I’ve been to a Pink concert and know they are actually all dumpy trolls who look like Sandy Toksvig or Rhona Cameron.”

Viewers were also shocked by a scene showing two women having sex in a morgue. Softcore lesbian porn fan Mark Spright, 15, from Thurrock wrote in a complaint to Points of View: “How am I supposed to wank myself blind over the hot lesbians having sex if there is a fucking corpse in shot?!”

Some viewers were unhappy with the subject matter of the new series itself. Mary Brown, 56, regional head of the Women’s Institute in Wiltshire said: “I am appalled that licence payers’ money is being spent on a television programme focusing on such immoral and unnatural behaviour. I can only assume that ‘Lip Service’ is a euphemism for cunnilingus. Two hot women with their warm moist tongues exploring each other’s silky quivering lady parts….. Disgusting.

“Now if you will excuse me, I just need to go and change my knickers.”

Lesbian groups have also voiced their disapproval. Georgina Tuppence from the National Lesbian Association said: “This is just another example of the media’s ongoing misportrayal of gay women as beautiful, and fun people to be around. I’m 5 foot tall, 13 stone, incredibly boring and guaranteed to ruin the atmosphere of any party by constantly talking about how depressed I am.

“Lesbiphobia is the last acceptable form of discrimination, and we totally deserve it.”

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