Cheryl Cole granted restraining order against Cher Lloyd

18 Oct
Cheryl Cole Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd gatecrashes the filming of Cheryl Cole's new video Promise This

X FACTOR judge Cheryl Cole has been granted a restraining order against Cher Lloyd after the 32 year-old recovering crystal meth addict became worryingly obsessed with the star.

A source at ITV said: “Cheryl has always been aware that Cher idolises her, but at first she thought she was just a fan like any other.

“I mean, who doesn’t idolise Cheryl Cole? She’s a national treasure, after all.”

Since her initial audition on the ITV talent show, broadcast in September, viewers had been struck by the resemblance Lloyd bore to Cole. At the time, the Fight for this Lollipop singer heaped praise on Lloyd and gushed: “You are right up my street!”

However Cole became concerned when she later found the contestant right up her street, literally:

“Cheryl found Cher outside her house, rummaging through her bins one morning. Also she started calling Cheryl ‘mummy'” our spy at ITV said.

Cole is understood to have made the decision to seek a restraining order after a row erupted over Lloyd’s song choice for last Saturday’s live show, the theme of which was musical heroes. Lloyd immediately requested to sing one of her mentor’s songs, however Cole thought it would be inappropriate, even by X Factor standards. The argument then escalated with the two trading incomprehensible northern insults.

A production assistant who witnessed the altercation told Seleb Spy: “It all kicked off and Cheryl snapped and told Cher to get away from her and called her a ‘proper little psycho’ and a ‘charva’. Cher went ape shit and started smashing the place up and screamed ‘what do you mean go away? I’m right up your street, you said so yourself! If I can’t be with you, no one can!’

“Then she threatened Cheryl with a pair of hot hair straighteners.”

X Factor producers insist the restraining order will not affect the rest of the competition, and that next Saturday’s live show will be “business as usual”, however they have admitted that certain practicalities will need to be worked into the show to ensure the order is not broken.

Cole will continue to mentor Lloyd however all contact between the two must go through Sinitta who will act as an intermediary.

In addition, an ITV spokesman explained: “There will be a line painted across the front of the stage marking the 15 foot boundary from Cheryl’s seat at the judges’ desk. Cher has been warned that during her performance she must under no circumstances cross this line. Security personnel will be closely monitoring to ensure she does not do so.

“If she does she will be tasered.”

It has also emerged that leading into her performances, instead of the usual introduction clip of Lloyd dressed in black, moodily turning to the camera, viewers will see footage of the singer going through a metal detector arch and having a full body pat down by a security guard to check for any weapons or sharp objects, before walking onto the stage.

Dermot O’Leary will also be wearing a stab vest.

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