Britain braces itself for Pat Butcher’s face in HD

23 Oct

Coming to you in HD soon

BBC One show EastEnders will be broadcast in high-definition for the first time on Christmas Day, the corporation has announced.

The soap will join other shows such as CBBC’s Doctor Who and Cash in the Attic which are already being shown in the HD format.

EastEnders executive producer Bryan Kirdwood said that the face of Pat Butcher actress Pam St Clement would be “even more spectacular” in HD and a “real Christmas treat.”

“Viewers will be able to appreciate every wrinkle and crevice on her cowhide face and every shade of caked on makeup. Her orange glow will be unimaginably vivid.

“Remember Cheryl Cole on the X Factor the other week when she was bright orange? Imagine someone’s then thrown a carton of Tropicana over her face, and times that by 10 and you’re not even close.”

The BBC One HD channel will be launched on 3 November, and will simulcast the BBC One schedule. The majority of popular shows including The Apprentice, Strictly Dance Coming, Paupers in Need, Antiques Stripshow and Countryfile will be shown in HD.

John Bennot, head of BBC Vision, said: “Whether it is detecting the slightest flicker of emotion on Samantha Janus’s botoxed face in Eastenders, or the goosebumps on that lovely ginger girl from Doctor Who’s milky skin.”

“And don’t get me started on Nigella’s tits in HD. Magnificent.”

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