Cheryl Cole performs with no trousers to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s

26 Oct

Cheryl Cole (left) raises awareness of the plight of Alzheimer's sufferers (right).

CHERYL COLE performed her new single Promise This on the X Factor this weekend wearing no trousers or skirt to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Fight for this Lollipop singer has revealed that she chose to perform wearing only a white jacket, black underwear, and bandages around her legs, not to flash a bit of thigh and minge to viewers and divert attention from the fact she was miming to a pre-recorded vocal that still sounded worse than your mum singing in the car, but to highlight the plight of Alzheimer’s sufferers who regularly leave the house in a state of undress.

National treasure Cole exclusively told us: “For the thousands of Alzheimer’s sufferers in this country, remembering to put your trousers on before you leave the house is a real challenge.”

“I just wanted to show  solidarity with those poor little mentals during my performance on Sunday.”

The singer is also understood to have contacted the Alzheimer’s Society with her idea of a Go to Work with No Trousers Day, whereby employees can donate £2 to go work for the day wearing  just a shirt, tie and pair of Y-fronts.

She explained that she decided to speak out and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s after she was personally touched by the disease: “Me grandpa went senile in his old age and used to piss down the back of the radiator.

“Me mam drowned him in the Tyne, in the end, for his life insurance payout.”

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