Literary giants Price and Orlov go head to head

30 Oct

Battle of the literary greats - Katie Price (left) goes head to head with Aleksandr Orlov (right)

LITERARY giants Aleksandr Orlov – the mascot of insurance comparison website Compare the Market – and Katie Price have gone head to head in a battle to reach the top of the bestsellers list, after launching their autobiographies this week.

Christopher MacIntosh from the British Literary Society, speaking on the day both books were launched, said: “Today really is a great day for British literature, having two such eminent wordsmiths competing to top the bestsellers list is truly wonderful. It’s like when Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue released their autobiographies on the same day last month, all over again. Charles Dickens must be dancing in his grave right now.

“With joy.”

Aleksandr Orlov, the animated Russian meerkat from the Compare the Market ad campaign who boasts 763,000 Facebook fans, 41,500 followers on Twitter and 700,000 iPhone app downloads, launched his autobiography A Simples Life, which has soared into Amazon’s Top 100 on pre-orders alone.

Meanwhile, professional D-list semen receptacle Katie Price has just released the 2010 edition of her Encyclopaedia Jordanica, entitled You Only Live Once (But Write About it Twenty Times). It charts the model’s life since splitting up with husband Peter Andre in 2009 and subsequent remarriage to Alex Reid.

Guardian book critic Fraser White said: “This book really gives us an insight into the past year of Katie Price’s riveting life.

“Even though we know every minute detail of it already from her ITV2 reality show, and magazine columns, and interviews.”

At her book-launch in Waterstone’s Piccadilly, Price said: “This is definitely my most best book to date, I look really sexy on the cover and the paper is lovely and smooth.”

Not everyone was thrilled with the prospect of Price or Orlov being the country’s bestselling book, however. Sarah Shepherd from Literature Now magazine said: “The fact that a filthy wild animal is potentially going to be the country’s best selling author is quite ridiculous.

“And that stupid meerkat isn’t much better.”

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