Christine Bleakley felates Adrian Chiles live on Daybreak

1 Nov
Adrian Chiles Christine Bleakley Daybreak

Christine Bleakley (right) felated Adrian Chiles (left) live on air.

CHRISTINE BLEAKLEY felated her co-presenter Adrian Chiles live on air during this morning’s edition of Daybreak, according to ITV insiders. The report is yet to be confirmed, however, as no one was actually watching the programme at the time.

A production assistant on the ITV breakfast show told Seleb Spy: “Christine and Adrian were in the middle of a segment about old people who can’t afford to put the heating on in the winter and end up freezing to death, and then realising no one at home was watching, Christine suddenly pulled down Adrian’s fly and started noshing down on his knob.

“She then gave him a bit of a tit wank before he jizzed all over her chest.”

It is understood that the programme then continued with an interview with Claire Sweeney.

Viewing figures released later in the day revealed that indeed no one at home was tuned into Daybreak to witness the act.

In an official statement , an ITV spokesperson said: “We confirm that part of Adrian Chile’s body did enter Christine Bleakley’s mouth during this morning’s edition of Daybreak. However we are not at liberty to reveal which body part it was.”

ITV did not seem concerned about the possibility of public outrage and a media backlash over the live sex act:

“How can there be outrage? No one saw it.

“When have the public ever complained about something in the media they didn’t actually witness themselves?”

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