Louis Walsh forced to dress as leprechaun as punishment for casual racism

10 Nov

Louis Walsh X FactorLOUIS WALSH will be forced to wear a leprechaun outfit for the duration of this Saturday’s X Factor live show as punishment for his ongoing casually racist comments to contestants.

The show’s producers have previously warned the 58 year-old judge about his inappropriate comments comparing black contestants to random black artists just because they are black and the same gender, such as: “You remind me of a young Tina Turner” to any black female contestant or “you remind me of a young James Brown” to any black male contestant.

Walsh’s questionable comments have not only been aimed at black contestants, however. During last year’s series, following a performance by Jewish contestant Stacey Solomon he said: “I really like you.

“You’re like a British Anne Frank.”

On Saturday, viewers were left shocked and bewildered by the Irishman’s comparison of 19 year-old Paije Richardson to “a little Lenny Henry”, prompting producers to finally censure Walsh for his casual racism.

Kat_luvs_ya_89 on the Daily News forums wrote: “OMG, wots Louis on saying Paije is like a little Lenny Henry??? Just cos they are both black doesnt mean they look alike. So racist! [sic]

“Everyone knows Paije looks like Kenan from Kenan & Kel, anyway.


Producers have now decided that the only way Walsh will understand why his comments are inappropriate is to give him a taste of his own medicine and force him to wear a leprechaun outfit for the duration on this Saturday’s show.

Once all the contestants have performed, Walsh, who everyone will call Paddy, will also be forced to go on stage and perform Riverdance while swigging from a bottle of Guinness, as members of the audience pelt him with potatoes.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell welcomed the decision, saying: “There is no place for casual racism on the X Factor.

“Apart from when I called Leona Lewis  a ‘dark horse’

“That was potentially hilarious.”

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