Katie Waissel to sing new version of Candle in the Wind on tonight’s X Factor

13 Nov

Katie Waissel, X Factor, Seleb Spy 2010KATIE WAISSEL will sing an updated version of Candle in the Wind, tonight, on what is expected to be the embattled singer’s last X Factor live show.

Last weekend, Waissel, 24, was in the bottom two for the third time, but was controversially spared the chop, following judge Cheryl Cole’s refusal to choose between the north London singer or her other act Treyk Cohen.

Tonight, contestants will be performing songs by celebrated angry homosexual Elton John.

Upon learning of the theme, Waissel is reported to have immediately jumped at the chance to sing the classic Candle in the Wind, one of the best selling singles of all time.

“Katie knows her days on the show are numbered and thinks Candle in the Wind will be the perfect swan song for her,” an insider at ITV told Seleb Spy.

“She knows what a sad and difficult time it will be for viewers to see her leave the show. It will be on par with the death of Princess Di, so she wanted to sing an appropriately poignant song. ”

Our source also revealed that the lyrics of the song, originally about Marilyn Monroe and later rededicated to the late Princess Diana in 1997, have been updated once again – this time by Waissel herself.

The song, retitled Candle in the Wind Machine, will open with the new lyrics :

“Goodbye X Factor’s rose
May I ever grow in your hearts”

And continue with the updated chorus:

“And it seems to you that I’ve lived my life
Like a candle in the wind machine
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And my footsteps will always fall here
On X Factor’s greatest stage
My candle’s burned out long before
My legend ever will”

Speaking exclusively to Seleb Spy, Waissel said: “I really identify with both Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana and see a lot of their qualities in myself.

“I understand what it’s like to be hounded by the media and also…. erm… we’re all blonde, and…… you know, we all have vaginas.

“And make sure you fucking vote for me this week. My dirty protest threat still stands.”

Details of the staging of Waissel’s performance have also leaked. There will be a staged funeral with inconsolable mourners gathered round an open casket. At the beginning of the performance Waissel will emerge from the casket wearing a replica of Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

X Factor supremo Simon Cowell said: “Many people are potentially saying that Katie doesn’t deserve to be on the show and that potentially the show is rigged to keep in her in the running.

“That is potentially total rubbish; Katie is still in the competition as she potentially has real star quality and is a potentially interesting performer.

“Having said that, she gives wonderful blowjobs. No gag reflex.”

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