Move your hair back and forth with caution, urges Department of Health

22 Nov

Department of Health, Whip My Hair, Willow Smith

THE Department of Health has issued guidelines on the safe use of hair during dancing, following a recent wave of injuries attributed to the Willow Smith Whip My Hair dance craze.

The guidelines have been published after health officials became concerned that the music video for 9 year-old singer Willow Smith’s single Whip My Hair was encouraging girls and homosexual men to engage in a form of dancing that can cause injury to themselves and those around them.

The Department of Health has released recent Accident & Emergency admission statistics that show an alarming increase in hair-whipping related injuries, including a 300% increase in cases of whiplash, and 280% increase in hair-in-eye injuries.

Consultant paediatrician Sally Anderson from University College Hospital in London said:

“Last week, five young girls and an effeminate boy were admitted to Accident & Emergency suffering from whiplash.

“I assumed a school bus had been involved in a collision or something.

“I later learnt that they had actually been at home, dancing to Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair.

The Department of Health guidelines suggest that rather than whipping their hair back and forth, dancers cautiously swish their hair, while wearing a suitable neck brace to avoid any damage to the neck or upper back.

Dancers are also advised to ensure they have sufficient space around them to avoid hitting their head against any furniture or swishing their hair into a nearby person’s eyes.

Secretary of state for health Andrew Lansley said: “Unfortunately we have seen an unprecedented number of injuries as a result of Miss Smith’s irresponsible music video.

“We want young women and their gay friends to be able to enjoy their hair as part of a safe and considerate dance routine.”

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