Rihanna apologises for drunken X Factor rampage

14 Dec


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What's my name, bitches. Rihanna disgraces herself live on air during the final of ITV's X Factor.

RIHANNA has apologised for her drunken rampage live on air during Saturday’s X Factor final during which she ran around on stage in her underwear slapping her thighs together.


In addition to her earlier performance with contestant Matt Cardle, the Barbadian star was due to perform her new single Sniff My Bum at the end of the show.

However the estimated 15 million viewers at home were left shocked when the Umbrella singer instead went on stage, stripped down to her underwear, starting banging her thighs together and in an apparent state of disorientation repeatedly asked the audience to remind her what her own name was.

X Factor fans immediately inundated the Internet with angry comments about the shocking incident.

One viewer, mother-of-two Sally Anderson from Surrey, wrote on the Daily News forum: “I was watching the X Factor final with my family and we were happily enjoying the performances by the contestants.

“The next we knew there was some kind of Ronald McDonald transgender prostitute cavorting around in its underwear shouting ‘what’s my name?!’

“I didn’t know where to look, the children were in tears and my elderly father, who was wearing pyjama bottoms at the time, became quite physically aroused, much to everyone’s embarrassment.”

Rihanna issued an apology today, admitting she had become inebriated on a coconut based liquor backstage prior to her second performance.

She said: “Hear me now, me had a few too many Malibu and Coke fur meself after performin with dat batty man Matt and got a lil charged and ting.”

Commenting on the incident, X Factor supremo Simon Cowell said: “It was unfortunate that Rihanna didn’t perform her new single Sniff My Bum as planned.

“But having said that, it’s not the first time we’ve had a drunk flame-haired woman making an arse of herself on the show.

“Sharon Osbourne was a judge for 4 years after all.”

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