Ofcom to closely investigate Christina Aguilera’s arse

21 Dec
Christina Aguilera X Factor Seleb Spy 2010

Christina Aguilera's performance during the X Factor final was deemed to be too raunchy by some

X FACTOR’s raunchy final is to be closely investigated by male Ofcom officials in dimly lit rooms, the media regulator has announced.

The show saw dirrty US star Christina Aguilera perform a suggestive routine with scantily clad dancers, while Rihanna also gave a saucy performance of her single Sniff my Bum during which she stripped off and paraded around the stage in a bikini.

Ofcom received around 2,750 complaints about the pre-watershed scenes and broadcaster ITV had more than 1,000 from concerned parents shocked by the adult nature of the show.

Stunned mother Sally Mitchell from Essex said: “I was flicking through the channels and suddenly saw Christina Aguilera bent over a stool doing what in the animal kingdom would be described as ‘presenting’

“What sort of example is that for my daughters?” Added the obese single mum of four children by different fathers.

Ofcom will now assess whether the show broke section 1.3 of the broadcasting code, which states that “children must be protected from seeing slutty whores having sex with chairs, stools or any other type of seat”.

Male Ofcom officials will closely examine the footage of Aguilera and Rihanna’s performances in a dimly lit room with a box of tissues and some hand lotion.

Ofcom broadcast reviewer Andy Clark said: “I will be focusing on Miss Aguilera’s bottom, and assessing whether it exceeded the acceptable level of eroticism for a pre-watershed broadcast.

“I’m going to examine the footage very closely over and over and over, in slow motion, and freeze-frame, until my conclusions come spilling out onto my report.

“You may think my job sounds pretty easy, but just a couple of weeks ago I had to investigate Anne Widdecombe’s pant-less upskirt shot on Strictly Come Dancing.”

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