Katie Price prepares for January husband transfer window

26 Dec
Katie Price New Boyfriend Seleb Spy 2010

Katie Price has already been spotted with a new man on her arm.

TROUT-LIPPED glamour model Katie Price is preparing for the January husband transfer window, the time of the year when vacuous slags ditch their husbands and immediately find a replacement.

Rumours are abound that the model formerly known as Jordan will separate from her husband Alex Reid in January 2011 after recently being spotted at a book signing without her wedding ring.

Price had previously declared her relationship with then boyfriend Reid over in December 2009, but then had a sudden change of heart shortly after the cage fighter won Celebrity Big Brother, marrying him in Las Vegas the following February.

With media interest in her life and relationship with Reid waning, Price is expected to announce that their marriage has come to an end in the New Year in a series of exclusive magazine and tabloid interviews, and in a new book.

According to Mark McPherson, entertainment editor of the Financial Times, the model and Booker prize-winning author is moving into a ‘husband per year’ phase, during which she will marry and divorce each year from 2011 onwards, until her syphilis riddled body packs in and she drops dead in front of ITV2 cameras.

He said: “Five, ten years ago a new celebrity marriage was guaranteed to generate column inches for a few years. Nowadays, you’ve got a year maximum before the media and public lose interest.

“Celebrities like Price who have no talent other than having an unusually expansive vagina rely solely on the fuckwits of society being interested in their irrelevant lives, so the more marriages, divorces, breakups, makeups, pregnancies, births, boob jobs, nose jobs, rim jobs the better.”

Price is also understood to have been left distraught that despite letting Reid blow his muck up her every night for the past year, she is yet to have fallen pregnant.

Price’s close friend, makeup artist Gregory Clarkson exclusively told Seleb Spy: “Katie absolutely adores having kids. In fact she’s obsessed with getting pregnant. Have you seen the film Species?

“I should clarify that she fucking loathes children themselves, but loves the media attention a new baby brings her.”

Price is now understood to be in the market for a 30-something well-endowed C-list celebrity, preferably a footballer or singer, with low self-respect, a submissive personality and high sperm count.

Price herself declined to comment on the rumours, saying only: “It would be inappropriate for me to divulge details about my relationship with Alex at this time.

“You will have to read all about it in my new autobiography Katie Price: Free to Love Again.

“It’s got a lovely picture of me on the front and it’s printed on 100% real paper.

“I think it’s going to be really interesting too, but I’m not sure, because I’ve not read it yet.”

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