Elton John gives birth to baby boy

30 Dec
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Saturday's Alright for Birthin' - Elton John explains the birds and the bees to his gay friends.

ELTON John and her partner David Furnish have announced the birth of their first child, Zachary Jackson Lady Diana Furnish-John ending months of speculation that the legendary singer was pregnant.

The 63 year-old diva gave birth in California on Christmas day to the 7 lb 8 oz bundle of joy, her spokesperson announced yesterday.

Rumours had been circulating since the summer that John was with child after showing the classic tell-tale signs – weight gain, mood swings, and a weak bladder.

Lauren Clark, entertainment editor of the Economist told Seleb Spy:

“For several months I had suspected that Elton was expecting.

“I mean, she had put on weight, was very short-tempered and had a certain glow about her.

“Someone told me she’d just had a session with an overzealous beautician at the spray tan salon. But I knew it was the glow of a pregnant woman.

“Call it female intuition.”

Celebrity friends of the proud parents have been posting messages of congratulations on social networking site Twitter. Academy Award winning actress Liz Hurley wrote:

“Massive congratulations to David and Elton on having their beautiful son. If Elton wants any advice on losing that baby weight she should give me a call.

“I found sticking my fingers down my throat after each meal did the trick.”

David Furnish’s close friend and Strictly Dance Coming star Ann Widdecome wrote:

“It is so wonderful that the baby was born on Christmas Day of all days.

“It is just what Jesus would have wanted.”

Meanwhile a friend of the couple has exclusively revealed to Seleb Spy that leading interior designers have already been enlisted to prepare the new arrival’s nursery.

He said: “Of course the colour scheme will be blue as it’s a boy. No pink or other effeminate colours.

“David and Elton don’t want him to grow up to be some kind of queer.”

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