Viewers looking forward to seeing Jenny Frost break her neck on live TV

2 Jan
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Channel 4 funding cuts mean not all celebrities will be provided with crash helmets.

MILLIONS of television viewers will be on the edge of their seats tonight with their fingers crossed waiting for a C-list celebrity to sustain a terrible injury in a freak accident.

Chris Evans makes his long-awaited return to Channel 4 this evening to launch new reality show Famous and Fearless, in which eight vaguely recognisable faces will compete in various extreme sports to win money for their chosen charities.

The celebrities rumoured to be taking part include that one from Atomic Kitten, Little Mo from EastEnders, Mandy from Hollyoaks, and that woman that done the running and won two gold medals.

Evans and co-host Clare Balding have stated that the premise of the show is to see celebrities out of their comfort zone, competing in death-defying challenges on live TV, and all for good causes.

However after details of the show were announced, it became apparent that no one will be watching to see how much money is raised for charity, or to see if Little Mo from EastEnders can perform a 360 degree flip on a motorbike.

Instead the Great British public will be poised on the edge of their DFS sofas, remote control in hand, ready to Sky+ the moment when something goes horribly wrong and she is carried off on a blood-soaked stretcher.

Jennifer Smith, entertainment editor of the Financial Times told Seleb Spy: “The storyline when Little Mo was repeatedly beaten up by her abusive husband Trevor was one of EastEnders’ most popular.

“So image fans’ delight when they find out they can see the real person who played the character, sustaining real injuries.”

Psychologist Geoffrey Solomons explains that it is human nature to want to see a soap actress or third-rate singer puncture a lung:

“Why do we watch stunt shows or extreme sports in general?

“Because there is always the risk that a serious and potentially gruesome injury can occur.

“And if that happens we all want to see it.

“Especially if it’s Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten.

“In HD.”

Thousands of pounds of bets have already been placed on the show, bookmakers have confirmed.

Patrick O’Leary of Paddy Power told Seleb Spy: “We’ve had a huge number of bets being placed on the first celebrity to break a bone, or the first celebrity to leave the competition paralysed from the waist down.

“No one’s bet on who will be the overall winner, or which charities will benefit the most.”

Viewers meanwhile have begun discussing the programme on social networking sites and message forums.

Television fan Sally Anderson from Essex wrote on the Channel 4 message board:

“I am particularly hoping Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost ends up being paralysed as a result of an awkward fall.

“Basically, unless she’s presenting the next series of Snog, Marry, Avoid? in a wheelchair, I won’t be happy.”

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