Katie Price releases new autobiography covering her life in 2011 so far

3 Jan

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GLAMOUR model and prolific author Katie Price has released her latest autobiography New Year’s Revelations which charts the highs and lows of her life in 2011 so far.

Price, who has emerged at the forefront of British literature in the twenty first century, spoke exclusively to Seleb Spy about her new book:

“My life is so hectic and I have so much going on that only three days into 2011 I have already had to release this new autobiography so everyone can find out the truth about my relationship with Alex, and how I feel about Pete, and about the new horse I am thinking of getting.”

The book covers the roller coaster period from when Big Ben struck twelve on New Year’s Eve right up until last night.

So far 2011 has been as busy as ever for the mother of three, as this exclusive excerpt from the book reveals:

“Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year! That’s 2010 out the way, and what a year it’s been! I moved house, got a couple of new horses, released my hit single Free to Love Again, got banned from driving, and got really pissed off with Frankie Boyle. Don’t think there was anything else important that happened to me last year…

“So it’s 2011, a New Year, a new chapter in my life, and who knows what the coming 12 months will have in store for me.

“All I want from this year is to continue to be surrounded by my family – my beautiful kids and whichever man I happen to end up marrying once I divorce Alex.”

Price is keen to dispel the idea that her writing is aimed solely at rather stupid women, and suggested that it has a much wider audience:

“My books aren’t just for women, they are for the whole family.

“Mums can read about my relationships with Pete and Alex, children can enjoy the many tales of horse-riding with my kids.

“And dads can have a cheeky wank over the lovely pictures of me in the middle.”

Meanwhile detractors have claimed it is too early in the year to release a new autobiography and question how Price has had the time to write and print the 300 page tome in the space of three days.

Dr Malcolm Anderson, professor of anthropology at the University of Central London, in his essay The Price isn’t Right claims that while most celebrities – or more commonly a ghost writer – write an autobiography revisiting past events in their lives, Price and her writing team produce her autobiographies in advance and the model then lives out the events according to script.

He said: “As the cliché goes ‘Life is a soap opera’.

“Except in Ms Price’s case her life really is a scripted soap opera.

“Now I only wish whoever is pulling the strings there would arrange for a tram to crash off a viaduct into her house.”

Price was quick to dismiss Dr Anderson’s accusations, blasting them as “ridiculous” and “containing about as much fact as one of my autobiographies.”

She said: “People say a lot of things about me, but it’s all rubbish. I absolutely write all my own autobiographies and novels.

“I just love writing; sitting at my writing desk with one of those feather pen things and those thick, rigid serviettes that you write on.

“Paper? Yes that’s it.”

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