National Grid cut off power to Paddy McGuiness’ home

10 Jan
Paddy McGuiness, Take Me Out, ITV, Seleb Spy 2011

No likey, no lighty: Seleb Spy's own Sherlock Cole was once a contestant on ITV dating show Take Me Out. She left the show with a used car salesmen from Hull who entered her on the backseat of a 1999 Ford Fiesta and gave her the clap and a pine tree car air-freshener as souvenirs.

THE National Grid has taken the unprecedented step of disconnecting the electricity supply to the home of Take Me Out host Paddy McGuiness, Seleb Spy has learnt.

At 8:00pm on Saturday night neighbours reported all the lights going out at the comedian’s Bolton home, with the rest of the street being unaffected by the blackout.

Explaining the controversial move Isaac Anderson, National Grid executive director, said:

“In his monstrous ITV dating show Take Me Out, that potato faced oaf is always saying ‘Remember: No likey, no lighty‘ to the syphilis-riddled slags they have harvested from the urine-soaked toilet floors of provincial nightclubs.

“Well, me no likey.

“So he get no lighty.

“In his housey.”

This is the first time the National Grid has carried out a targeted disconnection since 2009, when it cut the power to VOX Studios in West London to prevent the recording of John Barrowman’s planned Christmas album Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Poppers.

This morning it is understood the McGuiness household is still without electricity and the National Grid has no plans to restore it any time soon.

Anderson said: “That northern lout will be without power until Take Me Out is taken off the air, and those wenches are returned to the toilets of Ven-U nightclub in Scunthorpe.

“Or until one of the men on the show actually picks that fat Welsh bint to go on a date with.”

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