EASTENDERS EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Dean’s Drawing

20 Jan

Tiffany Dean, EastEnders, Carol Jackson, Connor, Seleb Spy, SelebSpy.com 2011

SELEB SPY can exclusively reveal the picture Tiffany Dean drew of her grandmother getting shafted by a well hung young black man in EastEnders.

In scenes broadcast earlier this week in BBC One’s flagship soap opera, seven-year-old Tiffany is left traumatised after accidentally witnessing her grandmother, Carol Jackson, in a moment of passion with her toyboy, Connor, who is also seeing her step sister at the same time.

Or something.

As Carol tells Tiffany to keep what she saw a secret, the little girl resorts to drawing a series of explicit pictures of the encounter.

Tiffany’s mother, Bianca, later finds the shocking drawings, which were to be shown on-screen during Tuesday night’s episode.

However producers decided to cut the shots showing the pictures, as they were deemed too explicit for the pre-watershed time slot and risked incurring the wrath of a Daily Mail “BAN THIS SICK FILTH” headline and thousands of complaints to OfCom.

But an insider at the BBC has leaked one of the pictures to Seleb Spy after they were found in the EastEnders props department.

He said: “Obviously they weren’t actually drawn by a seven-year-old girl.

“That task was left to some sad gay with too much time on his hands.”

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