Katie Price steps up security after hearing Egypt protests could spread to Jordan.

6 Feb
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Concern as Middle East uprising spreads to Jordan.

GLAMOUR model and Booker prize-winning author Katie Price has beefed up security at her Surrey home after analysts warned that the wave of protests that have swept Tunisia and Egypt could now spread to Jordan.

The mother-of-three has been closely monitoring the unrest in the Middle East after becoming concerned that it could spark a backlash against herself.

Public opinion of Price, more commonly known as Jordan, has been waning since her split from first husband Peter Andre in 2009. More recently, following increasing attacks from once loyal tabloids and magazines, she dismissed her current husband Alex Reid whom she blamed for damaging her public image.

However, this has not silenced her critics who continue to call for the omnipresent celebrity to retire from the public eye and stop releasing god-awful yearly autobiographies.

Sally Anderson from Hull wrote on the Daily News forums: “For years we’ve had every minute detail about Jordan’s pointless life rammed down our throats, while she has amassed huge wealth and developed a cult of personality.

“She is worse than Stalin.”

Jordan is understood to have now enlisted a private security firm to guard the Surrey mansion where she lives with her children and a resident ITV2 film crew. She will also be given a police escort when driving to and from the address, at the local taxpayers’ expense.

Her spokesperson told Seleb Spy: “Katie is obviously very concerned about the situation in the Middle East.

“One reporter on BBC news said it was likely that 100,000 people could protest in Jordan next week.

“We are very worried about this, because Katie can only accommodate around 10,000 men inside her in the space of a week.”

Jordan plays a key role in the Middle East peace process, acting as an intermediary in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

She explained: “I got spit-roasted by an Israeli and an Arab once.

“The Israeli guy was well hot.

“I’d let him occupy my disputed territories any day.”

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