Women eat humble pie after Antony Costa proves that men can multitask

7 Feb
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Blue star Antony Costa urinates over a cash machine in central London while withdrawing money.

MEN took the upper hand in the ongoing battle of the sexes, yesterday, after Blue singer Antony Costa finally proved that the sterner sex can multitask.

British women have conceded that they can no longer use the ‘men can’t multitask’ argument after the 29-year-old star was photographed urinating against a cash machine in central London, while simultaneously withdrawing money from it.

Sally Anderson, professor of gender studies at the University of Central London, told Seleb Spy: “Women like to boast about how, unlike rubbish men, we can do more than one thing at once, like riding the Tube while putting our makeup on, or sitting on the washing machine while reading Heat magazine.

“Or chatting shit between ourselves at work all day, but still somehow managing to get everything done on time.

“But after seeing these photos of Antony Costa pissing against a cash machine, we have to admit that we’ve been completely wrong.

“This man is managing to withdraw money, while urinating all over the machine, without seeming to get his legs or shoes wet.

“It’s remarkable.”

Lesley van Dyke from the British Feminist Society has also expressed her surprise at the evidence of male multitasking.

She said: “I used to think that men were selfish, vulgar, sex-mad, neanderthals, too busy thinking about breasts or football to muster the mental resources to do more than one thing at any one time.

“But seeing Antony Costa having a slash against that cash machine while making a withdrawal has made me think I’ve been wrong about men all along.”

Antony Costa fans, meanwhile, have taken to social networking sites to express their pride in their hero, who will be representing the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with his fellow Blue bandmates.

Self-confessed super fan, Georgina Clarkson from Essex, wrote on Twitter: “So proud that Ant is representin England at Eurovision.

“And I so wish I was that cash machine.”


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