Tabloid press reminds British public that Gypsies are scum

8 Feb
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Channel 4, Seleb Spy 2011,

The News on Sunday warns that traveller communities are flooding the market with poor quality pegs, and poorer quality women.

THE tabloid press has launched a coordinated attack on traveller communities after becoming concerned about the popularity of Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

The series, which airs on Tuesday evenings, has proven to be a runaway success, with millions of viewers tuning in each week to witness the traveller girls’ enormous, tacky dresses and laugh at their funny little Irish accents.

However the tabloids have been alarmed by an apparent shift in society’s attitude towards the much-maligned Gypsy community as a result of the programme.

A survey by the UK Statistics Bureau conducted last week found that only 71% of respondents would classify Gypsies as ‘vermin’, down from 93% in 2010.

Geraldine Clarkson, a retired school teacher from Bedfordshire, told Seleb Spy: “We have an Irish traveller caravan site near our village. I used to think they were all pikey scum who wanted to steal the lead off my roof.

“But now after watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, I have a better understanding of their culture and traditions, and can see that they basically share the same core values as I do, of family, and community.

“Although I still think they let their young girls dress like dirty little whores.”

Several newspapers responded today by running a pointless front page story about a large Irish traveller family who live in a £1.2 million council-funded house in an affluent area of North London and who, according to neighbours, have been a bit noisy and messy, in order to remind their readers that they should maintain a patriotic level of hatred towards tinkers.

And Muslims, gays, blacks, working mothers, career women, feminists, lesbians, liberals, Germans, the French, and Lady Gaga.

Sally Anderson, deputy editor of the News on Sunday, told Seleb Spy: “Forget the historic protests in Egypt that threaten to destabilise the whole region and lead to one of the largest countries in the Arab world being taken over by Islamists.

“The most newsworthy story at the moment is about a neighbourly dispute that in no way affects anyone other than the few people who happen to live on that street.

“The point is that everyone must remember that travellers are disgusting scum who will poorly tarmac your driveway, steal and eat your cat and erect a shanty town of caravans on your front lawn given the chance.”

Shirley McPhannie, leader of the North London Traveller Community Centre, told Seleb Spy: “I am unable to comment on the story running in some of today’s papers about the traveller family living in Muswell Hill.

“Because I can’t read.”

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