Liz Hurley and Shane Warne romp on Twitter

10 Feb

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ACADEMY Award nominated actress Liz Hurley and cricketer Shane Warne have tweeted a running commentary of their first mucky sex session together in Australia.

The celebrity pair, who have been flirting over the social networking site for months, have taken their saucy online exchanges to the extreme, becoming the first couple to have real sex while communicating to each other only by using Twitter.

The couple made love in Warne’s Sydney bachelor pad without speaking to each other or making any noises, only expressing their pleasure or giving instructions using Twitter on their iPhones.

Followers of the two stars noticed their usual flirty tweets rapidly become more and more frequent and explicit as it became apparent that Warne was actually balls deep in Hurley at that very moment.

Twitter user Sally Anderson from Essex, who follows both Warne and Hurley, told Seleb Spy: “I was watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TV, and tweeting a string of abusive, racist comments about those pikey scumbags, when I noticed Shane Warne and Liz Hurley posting very sexy comments to each other.

“When I saw Liz Hurley post ‘I am going down on @ShaneWarne’ I realised they were actually at it!

“I must admit, I came over all wet and flustered.”

Millions of Twitter users then witnessed the following shocking exchange between the couple:

ElizabethHurley:    Ooh yeh fuck me, @ShaneWarne!

ShaneWarne:           Does @ElizabethHurley like that?

ElizabethHurley:    Oh yeh, ElizabethHurley loves it!

ShaneWarne:           Who’s @ElizabethHurley‘s daddy?! Who’s @ElizabethHurley‘s daddy?!

ElizabethHurley:    @SHANEWARNE ! @SHANEWARNE !

ShaneWarne:           I’m gonna to cum all over @ElizabethHurley’s Twitter!

The tweets ended abruptly with Hurley posting:

@ShaneWarne already?”

Critics have suggested that the pair’s Twitter relationship is a thinly veiled PR stunt aimed at boosting Hurley’s profile and restarting her stalled career.

Hurley’s spokesperson has rejected the claims, blasting them as “absolute nonsense”.

He told Seleb Spy: “Liz is very content with her life at the moment – she has her organic farm, and she always has her critically acclaimed acting career to fall back on.

“Did you see her fine performance in Vajazzled with Brendan Fraser?”

“Sorry, I meant Bedazzled.”

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