BBC accused of deceiving viewers after Doctor Who revealed to be staged

22 Feb
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The BBC has come under fire after Doctor Who stars were spotted with scripts, prompting allegations that scenes in the show are staged.

THE BBC has been accused of deceiving viewers after scenes in popular show Doctor Who were allegedly faked.

Viewers are given the impression that they are seeing a fly on the wall documentary about a mysterious and eccentric Time Lord who travels through time and space in a police call box, battling a range of aliens and monsters along the way.

However it has been learnt that scenes in the award-winning programme are in fact staged and feature paid actors, special effects and scripted dialogue.

An insider at the BBC has exclusively revealed to Seleb Spy the true extent of the deception:

  • Rather than taking place on exotic foreign planets, all the action is actually filmed in locations as exciting as the Coal Exchange in Cardiff and a disused quarry.
  • The Doctor’s most popular companion, Rose Tyler, did not disappear into a parallel universe, forever longing for her lost love – She went on to appear in another programme where she felates men for cash.
  • Airbrushing was used to hide Catherine Tate’s unsightly dowdy beard. (The BBC claim they were forced to do this to comply with watershed guidelines on feminine facial hair).

Outraged viewers have blasted the BBC for misleading them and using fakery to add entertainment value to the show and boost ratings.

Doctor Who fan, Sally Anderson from Hull, wrote on the Daily News forums: “I have lost all faith in the BBC! The amount of energy we viewers spend evading paying our Licence fees and this is how they repay us?!

“At least we’ve still got that documentary about the residents of East London to enjoy.”

President of the Clean Up our Nation’s Television campaign, Andrew Clark, said that it was time BBC bosses were held accountable for deceiving their audience.

He added: “Surely the biggest deception here is the fact that the BBC has managed to pass off Doctor Who as Saturday prime-time viewing for adults when actually it’s just a CBBC programme they’ve thrown a load of money at, and would be better suited to the time slot between Tracy Beaker and Blue Peter.”

Fans of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood can breathe a sigh of relief, however, as the BBC has assured viewers that the programme is 100% real.

Head of BBC Three, Sally Anderson, said: “John Barrowman really is a loud, crass, raving, cum-thirsty homosexual.”

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