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Cliff Richard records Christian cover of Lady Gaga’s Judas for Easter

25 Apr

Cliff Richard, Lady-Gaga, Judas, Easter, Seleb Spy,, 2011, Sherlock ColeLEGENDARY British singer Sir Cliff Richard has released a cover version of Lady Gaga’s new single Judas in time for Easter.

The devout Christian has reworked the controversial song’s lyrics and given it the new title I’m in Love with Jesus to make it appropriate for this holiest time of the year.

Sir Cliff, 70, has previously criticised the song – in which Lady Gaga confesses her love for Judas, whose betrayal led to Jesus’s execution – as he felt its release during the run-up to Easter  was insensitive and offensive to Christians.

He said in an interview with Christian newspaper The Daily Bread earlier this month that the 25-year-old American star had made a “conscious decision to offend Christians around the world during the time of the year most important to them” and urged churchgoers not to buy her latest single or allow their children to do so.

Later, realising that a boycott of the immensely popular songstress’ music was futile, Sir Cliff had an epiphany, and came up with the idea to record his own version of the song, but with an added powerful Easter message.

“I was sitting in the living room with my companion John, watching The Only Way is Essex on the television, and suddenly the idea popped into my head! I should record a Christian cover of Judas and release it on Easter Sunday.

“It was as if God himself had whispered it in my ear.” He said.

The crooner’s new version of Judas – released yesterday on Rejoice Records – includes the chorus:

I’m just a Holy fool, but He is never cruel,
I’m so in love with Jesus, baby.
He died for my sins, and rose to live again,
I’m so in love with Jesus, baby.
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, I’m in love with Jesus, Jesus 
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, so in love with Jesus, Jesus 

An accompanying music video has also been filmed, which features Sir Cliff wandering through the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City followed by a group of adoring nuns. NME have hailed the video as the singer’s best since Millennium Prayer in 1999.

The lifelong bachelor, who is close friends with Cilla Black, Dale Winton and Paul O’Grady has released several songs with a religious theme during his career of more than 50 years, including Mistletoe and Wine, Saviour’s Day, Millennium Prayer, and Proud Virgin Mary.

I’m in Love with Jesus is available to download now on iTunes, with all proceeds going to Christian Aid.


Stacey Solomon inherits the One Prawn Ring

24 Apr
Stacey Solomon, Iceland, Prawn Ring, King Prawn Ring, Kerry Katona, Seleb Spy, 2011, X Factor

One Prawn Ring to rule them all, One Prawn Ring to find them. One Prawn Ring to tempt them all, One Prawn Ring only £2

STACEY Solomon has become the latest bearer of the One Prawn Ring and now holds all the power in the kingdom of Iceland, Seleb Spy has learnt.

The One Prawn Ring was forged from the finest North Atlantic King Prawns by the dark sorceress Coleen Nolan in the Second Age to consolidate her power as the Queen of Iceland and her dominance over all the working class mothers in the realm.

The seafood treasure holds immense power, more so than any other delicious Iceland party snack, even the Tex Mex Platter and Mini Hot Dogs.

Solomon has inherited the fishy halo from former Prawn Ring-bearer Kerry of Katona, who lost possession in 2009 after becoming dangerously addicted to its accompanying seafood sauce.

Kerry had once been a great, respected person – member of critically-acclaimed girl group Atomic Kitten, Celebrity Mum of the Year, panelist on Loose Women, Queen of all of Icelandbut over the years her obsession with the One Prawn Ring transformed her into a twisted, incoherent creature dwelling in a cave in Warrington.

Kerry Katona, Prawn Ring, Gollum, Sele Spy,, 2011She said she was devastated to learn the One Prawn Ring had a new owner: “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Solomonses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

“Fooking little bastards!”

New Prawn Ring-bearer Solomon, who hails from the distant land of Dagenham, told Seleb Spy: “I can’t eat prawns, they ain’t kosher.”

EUROVISION 2011: Don’t Mention the War, the BBC tells Lee Ryan

20 Apr

Lee Ryan, Blue, Eurovision, Düsseldorf, Seleb Spy,, 2011, Sherlock ColeTHE BBC has warned Blue singer Lee Ryan to be on his best behaviour at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, amid fears he will make anti-German jokes and insensitive comments about the war.

The Beeb is understood to have become concerned after the singer –whose group Blue is representing the United Kingdom in the contest – started singing the theme song to Dad’s Army at a press conference last week. He also referred to the reigning Eurovision champion, Lena Meyer-Landrut, as “that kraut bird what won it last year.”

The 27-year-old singer, who suffers from dyslexia and clinical stupidity, has a long history of making unfortunate comments, most notably his infamous remark in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks: “Who gives a fuck about New York when elephants are being killed?”

The UK delegation is desperate to avoid any further embarrassment following bandmate Antony Costa’s public urination incident in February, and is taking no chances on Ryan putting his foot in his mouth and causing offence in Germany.

Paul Felcher from website said: “The UK is highly regarded at Eurovision for sending some of our finest musical talent like Scooch, Jemini, Nicki French and that bin man off the X Factor.

“We can’t afford to have that reputation damaged by a chubby man with a weak bladder and his half-witted friend.”

A source at the BBC has leaked the full list of rules that have been provided to Ryan ahead of May’s Eurovision final:

  • No mimicking the German accent
  • No Nazi salutes
  • No mention of the war or Hitler
  • No mention of 1966
  • No use of the terms ‘Kraut’, ‘Hun’, ‘Fritz’, ‘Jerry’ or ‘Rhine Monkey’
  • No mention of sun loungers and towels
  • No singing Run Rabbit Run
  • No sexually suggestive comments about Angela Merkel
Asked to comment on the BBC’s warning, Ryan said: “Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall.”

Katie Price preparing to divorce Leandro Penna

18 Apr

Katie Price, Leandro Penna, Jordan, Seleb Spy,, 2011

BRITAIN’S best-selling author, Katie Price, is making preparations to divorce her toyboy lover Leandro Penna, Seleb Spy can exclusively reveal.

The animated sex doll is not yet married to the 25-year-old Argentinian hunk but has already instructed her lawyers to prepare for the inevitable divorce proceedings.

Publicity-shy Price, 32, was spotted with a ring on her engagement finger this week and is said to be desperate to wed Penna as soon as possible. However, she was horrified to learn it would be illegal for her to get re-married before she finalises her divorce from current husband, Alex Reid.

A source close to the glamour model claims she has also ordered her lawyers to attempt to find any legal loopholes permitting bigamy in cases where one partner needs to get re-married for an ITV2 reality show they have scheduled and hasn’t got time to get divorced from their current spouse.

“Apparently there is no legal precedent for that, so it could go to the High Court.” Our spy said.

Price took to social networking site Twitter, last week, to vent her frustration at the current anti-bigamy laws: “I just don’t see what the problem is with a bit of an overlap. I mean, I signed up to my new Vodaphone contract a few weeks before my old O2 contract was finished.

“How is marriage any different?”

In order to avoid enduring the same inconvenience when the time comes to divorce new beau Penna, Jordan is having her legal team fill in as much paperwork as they can now, with the aim of being able to finalise the divorce within six months after tying the knot.

The couple have been inseparable since meeting at Sir Elton John’s post-Oscar party in February this year, despite neither being able to speak the other’s language. Price has said she is keen to learn her lover’s native Spanish, and is currently studying the packaging of her Old El Paso Fajita Kit very carefully, and listening to Geri Halliwell’s Mi Chico Latino every day.

The model – whose last single Free to Love Again broke a UK record after staying at the top of the charts for nine consecutive weeks – was due to run the London Marathon, yesterday, in aid of her favourite charity, the Katie Price Foundation for Katie Price, however had to pull out at the last minute after doctors warned it could cause complications with her recent vaginal reconstructive surgery.

Give your mum a John Barrowman CD for Mother’s Day, says the Archbishop of Canterbury

3 Apr

John Barrowman, Mother's Day, Seleb Spy 2011,

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that you give your mother an album recorded by celebrated homosexual John Barrowman this Mother’s Day.

Dr Rowan Williams said the Church of England needed to move with the times and recognise that twenty-first century mothers simply had no interest in flowers and would much rather receive a CD of a brash gay man shouting some well-known songs at the top of his voice.

He also called on Anglican parishes across Britain to shelve the tradition of children giving flowers to the mothers in the congregation during today’s Mothering Sunday services, and instead have them distribute copies of the flamboyant Scottish-American actor and singer’s new album Spring’s Here, It’s Queer, Get Used to It.

In addition, he suggested the communion of red wine and wheat wafers be replaced by a double-vodka and diet coke and a sniff of a bottle of ‘room aroma’.

Traditionalists in the Church of England were reluctant to follow the new guidelines issued by the Archbishop, and insisted that while they recognised the need for the Church to update its image and adapt to modern British society, promoting John Barrowman was a step too far.

Reverend Malcolm Green, 64, from St. Beyoncé’s church in Hull said: “It’s not because John Barrowman is a gentleman who prefers the company of other gentlemen that we disapprove of his work.

“I mean, I love getting my hole ploughed as much as the next man. I, like many others, are against associating John Barrowman with Mothering Sunday because he’s an annoying cunt.”

Parishioners have been more welcoming of Williams’s advice, with music retailer HMV reporting a surge in demand for Barrowman’s albums as well as his fitness DVD Power Bottom Yourself Thin.

Church-goer and friend of Jesus, Sally Anderson wrote on the Daily News messageboard that she had heeded the Archbishop’s advice:

“Normally I just get my mum some flowers from a petrol station, or when money’s tight, from the local cemetery. But this year I’ve bought her the John Barrowman CD.

I’ve had a listen myself and I really like it – my favourite songs are  Diamonds are Forever, But a Pearl Necklace is just for One Night and These Boots were Made for Lickin’. Mum’s going to love it!

John Barrowman said he was delighted to have been endorsed by the leader of the world’s 80 million Anglican worshipers:

“I have always had a great respect for the Church and what it represents. I mean there’s nothing hotter than a vicar; I met a really cute one once on Grindr.

“He gave me a golden baptism.”

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