Adele buys stake in Greggs the bakers

4 May
Adele, 21, Someone Like You, Rolling in the Deep, Seleb Spy,, 2011

(Sausage) Rolling in the Deep (Fryer) - Adele has bought shares in Newcastle based Greggs the bakers.

BRIT singer Adele has bought a 5% stake in high street bakery chain Greggs after taking financial advice on how to invest her mounting fortune, Seleb Spy has learnt.

The (Sausage) Rolling in the Deep (Fryer) singer is having a hugely succesful year, with second album 21 spending several weeks at the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

She also made UK chart history this week after her debut album 19 – originally released in 2008 – shot back up to the number two spot. Both albums take their titles from the singer’s dress size at the time of recording.

As the royalties came rolling in in their millions, the 22-year-old North Londoner sought financial advice on how best to invest her growing wealth.

The songstress said: “Up until recently I’d just been putting all my earnings into the Nationwide CashBuilder account I opened when I was twelve.

“They gave me a free Ashanti CD and a pen.”

Sally Anderson of Katona Asset Management told Seleb Spy: “Financial advisors normally suggest that celebrities invest in industries they are interested in.

“Adele just loves meat of dubious origin baked in puff pastry, so Greggs the bakers was the obvious investment opportunity.”

Adele is part of a growing trend of investors investing in baked goods, attracted by the rising price of grain, Anderson said.

“Shrewd investors are turning away from traditional favourites gold and silver and moving their money into more lucrative emerging commodities like sausage rolls and Cornish pasties.” She added.

The BRIT Award winner said she was excited to be venturing into the stock market and was already eyeing up her next investment opportunity:

“My financial advisor told me it’s a good idea to diversify your investments to minimise the risk of loosing money if one sector takes a beating.

“So I am going to buy shares in Percy Ingle as well. As my mum says: ‘Don’t put all your pasties in one basket.'”

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