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Katie Price preparing to divorce Leandro Penna

18 Apr

Katie Price, Leandro Penna, Jordan, Seleb Spy,, 2011

BRITAIN’S best-selling author, Katie Price, is making preparations to divorce her toyboy lover Leandro Penna, Seleb Spy can exclusively reveal.

The animated sex doll is not yet married to the 25-year-old Argentinian hunk but has already instructed her lawyers to prepare for the inevitable divorce proceedings.

Publicity-shy Price, 32, was spotted with a ring on her engagement finger this week and is said to be desperate to wed Penna as soon as possible. However, she was horrified to learn it would be illegal for her to get re-married before she finalises her divorce from current husband, Alex Reid.

A source close to the glamour model claims she has also ordered her lawyers to attempt to find any legal loopholes permitting bigamy in cases where one partner needs to get re-married for an ITV2 reality show they have scheduled and hasn’t got time to get divorced from their current spouse.

“Apparently there is no legal precedent for that, so it could go to the High Court.” Our spy said.

Price took to social networking site Twitter, last week, to vent her frustration at the current anti-bigamy laws: “I just don’t see what the problem is with a bit of an overlap. I mean, I signed up to my new Vodaphone contract a few weeks before my old O2 contract was finished.

“How is marriage any different?”

In order to avoid enduring the same inconvenience when the time comes to divorce new beau Penna, Jordan is having her legal team fill in as much paperwork as they can now, with the aim of being able to finalise the divorce within six months after tying the knot.

The couple have been inseparable since meeting at Sir Elton John’s post-Oscar party in February this year, despite neither being able to speak the other’s language. Price has said she is keen to learn her lover’s native Spanish, and is currently studying the packaging of her Old El Paso Fajita Kit very carefully, and listening to Geri Halliwell’s Mi Chico Latino every day.

The model – whose last single Free to Love Again broke a UK record after staying at the top of the charts for nine consecutive weeks – was due to run the London Marathon, yesterday, in aid of her favourite charity, the Katie Price Foundation for Katie Price, however had to pull out at the last minute after doctors warned it could cause complications with her recent vaginal reconstructive surgery.


Katie Price launches iJordan app

15 Mar

Katie Price, Jordan, iPhone, Ipad, Apple, Seleb Spy,, 2011

BRITAIN’S best-selling author Katie Price launched an app for the iPad and iPhone this morning, in an attempt to cash in on the lucrative mobile technology market.

The iJordan app went on sale in the iTunes App Store today priced at £1.99, with all proceedings going to the glamour model’s favourite charity, the Katie Price Foundation for Katie Price.

The innovative app is packed with exciting features that will appeal to fans and casual admirers of the star alike, and has already shot into the top 10 of the App Store chart.

iJordan includes a map that pin-points Price’s exact location day and night, exclusive photos, news and gossip directly from the star, lifestyle tips, a sing-along version of her smash hit single Free to Love Again and much more.

In addition, the iPad version of the app allows users to download exclusive audio versions of Price’s Booker Prize-winning works, read by the author herself, including her latest book The Royal Wedding Night – an erotic novel based on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials.

Prince Harry hires Price as a stripper for his brother’s stag night, but the groom-to-be and model end up romping on the lawn of Windsor Castle while Sarah Ferguson films it on her iPhone to sell to the press to clear her debts.

Price told Seleb Spy she was very excited to be taking her first steps into the mobile software market and that behind the makeup and fake tan there was a computer geek bursting to get out.

She added: “I love technology; I’m always browsing the Internet on the go on my iPhone and iPad, checking to see how many column pixels I am getting in the press.

“Do you see what I did there? Because the expression is ‘column inches’ but I said ‘column pixels’ because it’s on a computer.


Katie Price fan Sally Anderson from Hull bought the iJordan app as soon as it went on sale this morning and said she was very impressed and has recommended it to all her friends. She told Seleb Spy: “Oh em gee, this app is, like, totally amaze. I can keep up with the Pricey no matter where I am.

“I especially love Katie’s fashion advice. I tried her ‘sexy office diva’ look today, and her ‘flirt your way to the top’ career tips. I flirted shamelessly with my boss all day, sucking my pen seductively, bending over slowly to pick up the papers I ‘accidentally’ dropped.

“I think it worked! He wants to have an urgent meeting with me and HR tomorrow to discuss my position at the company. I think they are going to give me a promotion!

The App is not just aimed at women, however, Price claimed, highlighting features such as ‘Katie’s wank bank’ – daily sexy pictures of the star for men to enjoy – and ‘Katie’s lesbian fantasies’ – short sexy stories about Price with other hot female celebrities such as Kelly Brook, Abbey Clancy, and Linda Lusardi.

“The ideal thing about the iPhone and iPad, is that they are wipe clean.” Price added.

Kevin Pieman, a 32 year-old driver of a dirty white Ford Transit van, downloaded the iJordan app this morning and has been furiously masturbating on the hard shoulder of the M62 ever since.

He wrote on the Daily News forums: “Phwoar, Jordan is bang tidy, I’d finger her scratch-resistant TFT LCD any day.”

Michael Clarke, managing director of MegaSoft, the software company that developed the app, said it was an honour to work with such a high-profile client:

iJordan is an app that everyone can enjoy, because everyone loves Jordan.

“Apart from the 90% of the population who fucking loathe the narcissistic bitch.”

Download the iJordan app from the Apple store here.

Katie Price steps up security after hearing Egypt protests could spread to Jordan.

6 Feb
Katie Price, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Protests, Intifada, Seleb Spy 2011,

Concern as Middle East uprising spreads to Jordan.

GLAMOUR model and Booker prize-winning author Katie Price has beefed up security at her Surrey home after analysts warned that the wave of protests that have swept Tunisia and Egypt could now spread to Jordan.

The mother-of-three has been closely monitoring the unrest in the Middle East after becoming concerned that it could spark a backlash against herself.

Public opinion of Price, more commonly known as Jordan, has been waning since her split from first husband Peter Andre in 2009. More recently, following increasing attacks from once loyal tabloids and magazines, she dismissed her current husband Alex Reid whom she blamed for damaging her public image.

However, this has not silenced her critics who continue to call for the omnipresent celebrity to retire from the public eye and stop releasing god-awful yearly autobiographies.

Sally Anderson from Hull wrote on the Daily News forums: “For years we’ve had every minute detail about Jordan’s pointless life rammed down our throats, while she has amassed huge wealth and developed a cult of personality.

“She is worse than Stalin.”

Jordan is understood to have now enlisted a private security firm to guard the Surrey mansion where she lives with her children and a resident ITV2 film crew. She will also be given a police escort when driving to and from the address, at the local taxpayers’ expense.

Her spokesperson told Seleb Spy: “Katie is obviously very concerned about the situation in the Middle East.

“One reporter on BBC news said it was likely that 100,000 people could protest in Jordan next week.

“We are very worried about this, because Katie can only accommodate around 10,000 men inside her in the space of a week.”

Jordan plays a key role in the Middle East peace process, acting as an intermediary in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

She explained: “I got spit-roasted by an Israeli and an Arab once.

“The Israeli guy was well hot.

“I’d let him occupy my disputed territories any day.”

Katie Price accused of hacking into News of the World’s voicemail

25 Jan
Katie Price, Jordan, Alex Reid, News of the world, NOTW, Andy Coulson, Seleb Spy 2011,

Katie Price is accused of hacking into the voicemails of News of the World journalists.

GLAMOUR model and Booker Prize-winning author Katie Price was implicated in the News of the World phone hacking scandal, today, after the newspaper alleged she had illegally accessed its staff’s voicemail messages.

David Cameron’s communications chief, Andy Coulson, resigned last week after being subjected to renewed allegations that he was aware of the hacking of public figures’ phones while serving as the editor of the News of the World from 2003 to 2007.

A string of celebrities and politicians including Sienna Miller, Elle McPherson, John Prescott and Jane McDonald are believed to have been targeted by journalists and have launched legal proceedings against the newspaper.

The News of the World has now launched its own claim against 32-year-old model Katie Price accusing her of hacking into its staff’s voicemails to find out how interested they were in her life, and to track the movements of its photographers and reporters to maximise her exposure.

The newspaper claims to have evidence proving Price accessed its employees’ voicemail messages to monitor how much coverage she would be receiving, and if the level was not satisfactory, would engage in attention-grabbing behaviour over the following days to boost her profile.

News of the World photographer, Craig Clarkson, one of the paper’s employees claiming to have had his voicemail messages accessed by Price, told Seleb Spy:

“Everywhere I went, Jordan would somehow know I was going to be there.

“I went to Heathrow to get some pictures of Lady Gaga arriving in a dress made of sanitary towels with matching tampon earrings, and I found Jordan there, walking around the arrival hall, trying to jump into each shot I took.

“Then I was outside the X Factor studios, trying to get an upskirt shot of Mary Byrne, and there she was again, pretending to be on the phone having a blazing argument with Alex Reid.

“Which I would have believed, if it wasn’t for the fact I could see Alex sitting in her car parked round the corner, eating a kebab.”

Clarkson said that he started to seriously consider the possibility that his telephone had been hacked before Christmas last year when he left a colleague a voicemail message saying he had to finish work early in order to see his daughter perform in her school Nativity play:

“When I got to the school, I found Jordan suggestively bent over the side a climbing frame, sucking her finger.”

Price released a statement today dismissing the News of the World’s allegations, branding them “a load of rubbish”.

She said: “There is not an ounce of truth in the claims that have been made against me by the News of the World.

“I strongly believe that everyone has the right to privacy and a private life and I will always respect that right. I would never hack into anyone’s voicemail.

“You can’t trust that Craig Clarkson anyway, because he’s seeing well-hung black rent boys behind his wife’s back while she’s visiting her sick mother in hospital.

“So I’ve heard.”

Shock as Katie Price is snubbed in BRIT Award nominations

16 Jan

Katie Price, BRITs 2011, Seleb Spy, 2011

THE music industry was left shocked, yesterday, after the BRITs voting academy overlooked Katie Price in this year’s awards nominations.

The model turned critically acclaimed author launched her highly successful music career this year with her hit top 150 début single Free to Love Again.

Sally Anderson, entertainment editor of the Financial Times told Seleb Spy: “When I received the full list of nominations I was expecting to see Katie Price nominated as Best British Female Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, and Best British Single for Free to Love Again.

“I was truly shocked to find no nominations at all for Katie.

“I mean have you actually heard Free to Love Again?!”

Minutes after the nominations were announced on Friday, music fans took to Twitter to voice their anger at the voting academy’s decision to snub national treasure Price.

One music lover, Geoffrey Clarkson, tweeted: “oh my dayz! cant beleev Jordan didnt get no nomination for dis years BRITS. She is proper peng and Free 2 Luv Again is shower.

“I would very much like to engage in sexual relations with her.”

Ralph Marcus from the BRITs voting academy dismissed the criticism and maintained that Price did not deserve to be nominated for any awards.

He said: “It is ridiculous to think that we would nominate someone who can’t sing and just looks pretty and appears in the tabloids and glossy magazines a lot.”

Cheryl Cole meanwhile is celebrating her two nominations in the categories of Best British Female Solo Artist and Best British Single for Parachute.

She wrote on her website this morning: “Canny chuffed to be nominated for two awards at the BRITs.

“If that spacker-faced Ellie Goulding wins Best British Lass over me she better watch her back.

“I have two words for her:

“Sophie Amogbokpa.”

Katie Price releases new autobiography covering her life in 2011 so far

3 Jan

Katie Price New Book 2011 Seleb Spy 2011

GLAMOUR model and prolific author Katie Price has released her latest autobiography New Year’s Revelations which charts the highs and lows of her life in 2011 so far.

Price, who has emerged at the forefront of British literature in the twenty first century, spoke exclusively to Seleb Spy about her new book:

“My life is so hectic and I have so much going on that only three days into 2011 I have already had to release this new autobiography so everyone can find out the truth about my relationship with Alex, and how I feel about Pete, and about the new horse I am thinking of getting.”

The book covers the roller coaster period from when Big Ben struck twelve on New Year’s Eve right up until last night.

So far 2011 has been as busy as ever for the mother of three, as this exclusive excerpt from the book reveals:

“Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year! That’s 2010 out the way, and what a year it’s been! I moved house, got a couple of new horses, released my hit single Free to Love Again, got banned from driving, and got really pissed off with Frankie Boyle. Don’t think there was anything else important that happened to me last year…

“So it’s 2011, a New Year, a new chapter in my life, and who knows what the coming 12 months will have in store for me.

“All I want from this year is to continue to be surrounded by my family – my beautiful kids and whichever man I happen to end up marrying once I divorce Alex.”

Price is keen to dispel the idea that her writing is aimed solely at rather stupid women, and suggested that it has a much wider audience:

“My books aren’t just for women, they are for the whole family.

“Mums can read about my relationships with Pete and Alex, children can enjoy the many tales of horse-riding with my kids.

“And dads can have a cheeky wank over the lovely pictures of me in the middle.”

Meanwhile detractors have claimed it is too early in the year to release a new autobiography and question how Price has had the time to write and print the 300 page tome in the space of three days.

Dr Malcolm Anderson, professor of anthropology at the University of Central London, in his essay The Price isn’t Right claims that while most celebrities – or more commonly a ghost writer – write an autobiography revisiting past events in their lives, Price and her writing team produce her autobiographies in advance and the model then lives out the events according to script.

He said: “As the cliché goes ‘Life is a soap opera’.

“Except in Ms Price’s case her life really is a scripted soap opera.

“Now I only wish whoever is pulling the strings there would arrange for a tram to crash off a viaduct into her house.”

Price was quick to dismiss Dr Anderson’s accusations, blasting them as “ridiculous” and “containing about as much fact as one of my autobiographies.”

She said: “People say a lot of things about me, but it’s all rubbish. I absolutely write all my own autobiographies and novels.

“I just love writing; sitting at my writing desk with one of those feather pen things and those thick, rigid serviettes that you write on.

“Paper? Yes that’s it.”

Katie Price prepares for January husband transfer window

26 Dec
Katie Price New Boyfriend Seleb Spy 2010

Katie Price has already been spotted with a new man on her arm.

TROUT-LIPPED glamour model Katie Price is preparing for the January husband transfer window, the time of the year when vacuous slags ditch their husbands and immediately find a replacement.

Rumours are abound that the model formerly known as Jordan will separate from her husband Alex Reid in January 2011 after recently being spotted at a book signing without her wedding ring.

Price had previously declared her relationship with then boyfriend Reid over in December 2009, but then had a sudden change of heart shortly after the cage fighter won Celebrity Big Brother, marrying him in Las Vegas the following February.

With media interest in her life and relationship with Reid waning, Price is expected to announce that their marriage has come to an end in the New Year in a series of exclusive magazine and tabloid interviews, and in a new book.

According to Mark McPherson, entertainment editor of the Financial Times, the model and Booker prize-winning author is moving into a ‘husband per year’ phase, during which she will marry and divorce each year from 2011 onwards, until her syphilis riddled body packs in and she drops dead in front of ITV2 cameras.

He said: “Five, ten years ago a new celebrity marriage was guaranteed to generate column inches for a few years. Nowadays, you’ve got a year maximum before the media and public lose interest.

“Celebrities like Price who have no talent other than having an unusually expansive vagina rely solely on the fuckwits of society being interested in their irrelevant lives, so the more marriages, divorces, breakups, makeups, pregnancies, births, boob jobs, nose jobs, rim jobs the better.”

Price is also understood to have been left distraught that despite letting Reid blow his muck up her every night for the past year, she is yet to have fallen pregnant.

Price’s close friend, makeup artist Gregory Clarkson exclusively told Seleb Spy: “Katie absolutely adores having kids. In fact she’s obsessed with getting pregnant. Have you seen the film Species?

“I should clarify that she fucking loathes children themselves, but loves the media attention a new baby brings her.”

Price is now understood to be in the market for a 30-something well-endowed C-list celebrity, preferably a footballer or singer, with low self-respect, a submissive personality and high sperm count.

Price herself declined to comment on the rumours, saying only: “It would be inappropriate for me to divulge details about my relationship with Alex at this time.

“You will have to read all about it in my new autobiography Katie Price: Free to Love Again.

“It’s got a lovely picture of me on the front and it’s printed on 100% real paper.

“I think it’s going to be really interesting too, but I’m not sure, because I’ve not read it yet.”

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