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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cheryl Cole video game unveiled

30 Jan

SELEB SPY exclusively brings you the first footage of the long-awaited video game Super Cheryl World for the Nintendo Wii.

In the game, produced by Newcastle based developers TyneSoft, players guide national treasure Cheryl Cole through the North East of England on her journey to rescue Geordie legend Paul Gascoigne who has been wrongly imprisoned in a mental asylum.

Geoffrey Clark from TyneSoft told Seleb Spy: “As the leading software developers in the North East, we really wanted to create a truly local game, capturing the Geordie spirit.

“Our first idea was a first-person shooter featuring Ant and Dec.

“Imagine Call of Duty, but instead of it being the Americans versus the Russians,  it is supporters of Newcastle FC against supporters of Sunderland.

“And rather than battling in a top-secret Russian nuclear facility, all the action takes place in a run-down pub in South Shields.

“And instead of using super powerful weapons like an AK47, the characters use broken bottles and their bare fists.”

TyneSoft ultimately decided that Ant & Dec’s Football Pub Brawl was too similar to Call of Duty and did not want to risk being sued for copyright infringement, so instead chose to develop  a Cheryl Cole based video game.

Clark said: “Cheryl Cole really is a brilliant ambassador for Newcastle as she truly represents what it is to be a Geordie lass.

“She is beautiful, independent, tenacious and strong-willed.

“And has a tendency to become extremely violent when drunk.”

Super Cheryl World has been developed using the most powerful design software available in the county of Tyne & Wear and, as this exclusive footage demonstrates, really pushes the Nintendo Wii’s graphical capabilities to the limit.

TyneSoft had hoped the game would appeal to the whole family, however were left disappointed after the British Board of Film Classifications issued Super Cheryl World with an 18 certificate.

Sally Anderson from the BBFC said: “We understand that Cheryl Cole is loved by everyone, young and old, so the game will appeal to players of all ages.

“However the amount of racist language and racially aggravated violence in the game means we have had no choice but to prohibit its sale to children.

“The ‘Louis Walsh’s dressing room’ level is particularly shocking.

“I’ve never seen fisting in a computer game before.”

Super Cheryl World is available to buy from 1st May.


Nadine Coyle’s solo single ridiculed for Frère Jacques sample

21 Sep
Nadine Coyle Insatiable

Ou la la - The artwork for Nadine Coyle's debut single Insatiable

GIRLS ALOUD singer Nadine Coyle’s solo career seemed to be over before it started, today, after she was ridiculed for sampling the French nursery rhyme Frère Jacques on her debut single Insatiable.

The song, which is released in November, features the chorus: In, in, sa satiable / You make me lose my control / In, in, sa satiable / You make me lose my control / Frère Jacques Jacques Jacques / Frère Jacques Jacques Jacques / Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?

But within hours of the song appearing online, music fans flooded social networking sites with less than favourable reviews.

Kirsty Sheldon from Grimsby tweeted: “Why on Earth would you include a French nursery rhyme in a song? It’s just stupid.”

Another wrote on Facebook: “If she wanted to sample a French song, she could have at least chosen Joe Le Taxi.”

Loyal Nadine fans were also unimpressed by the choice of lyrics. xXNadine4EVAXx posted on the official Girls Aloud forum: “i dont like it cos i dont understand forein”


Sean Markus, entertainment editor of the Financial Times said: “This is just another example of how the importance of meaningful song lyrics has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Who in their right mind would sample a French nursery rhyme in a pop song?”

Defiant Nadine dismissed the criticism explaining: “The lyrics aren’t meaningless. ‘Frère Jacques’ means ‘brother James’, and that’s very personal to me, because I have a brother myself. He’s called Simon.”

“Also in the video I do an amazing dance during the French bit, so fuck off.”

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