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Amy Childs to Vajazzle Kate Middleton for Royal Wedding

29 Mar

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The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs has been enlisted by Clarence House to ‘vajazzle’ Kate Middleton for the Royal Wedding, it has been announced.

The glamour model and beautician is credited for bringing the Vajazzle trend – which involves glueing small ‘crystals’ to a lady’s bikini area – to the UK through her use of the procedure on the ITV2 hit reality show.

The royal bride-to-be is reported to be an avid viewer of The Only Way is Essex and developed an interest in the saucy fashion craze after seeing it on the show.

The BBC’s royal correspondent Peter Hunt said: “Amy Childs and her Only Way is Essex co-stars were out at trendy Mayfair nightclub Whiskey Mist at the same time Kate Middleton was there with her friends.

“Kate approached Amy to say how much of a fan of the show she was and mentioned that she secretly would love to get ‘vajazzled’ as a surprise for Prince William.”

A close friend of the couple told Seleb Spy: “Of course, William is yet to see Kate’s English rose, despite having been courting for some ten years he will only be granted that privilege on their wedding night.

“And what a delightful surprise he will get when he sees a charming gem stone decoration in the design of a Union Flag, Big Ben, or something else suitably patriotic.

“Like the White Cliffs of Dover.”

Clarence House confirmed, today, that Childs had accepted its invitation to embellish the royal quim in time for the highly anticipated wedding ceremony on 29th April.

A Clarence House spokesperson said: “Kate is just an ordinary girl like any other. And ordinary girls at the moment are adorning their intimate areas with jewels to provide a pleasant diversion for their male companions.

“I’m sure Princess Diana would have approved. In fact, if she’d have been alive today I’m sure she would have been ‘vajazzled’ herself by now.”

Childs, 20, from Chigwell said she was honoured to have been appointed by the future Queen and that nothing would give her greater pleasure than glueing small pieces of coloured glass to her tuppence.

She added: “It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it – the key is to make sure the crystals are securely fixed to the skin. The last thing you want is any of them coming loose.

“No man wants an errant Vajazzle crystal in his jap’s eye.”

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